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Our first ShoreUPDATE training day

On Saturday we ran our first training event with young people from St Andrews student  archaeology society. This not only provided us with a chance to practice our planned activities on guinea pigs and get some feedback, but gave us all a chance to go and explore the lovely coastline around Crail.
Having looked at the Sites at Risk Map before going out, I have to say we found a lot more sites than I would have if I were walking ‘blind’. Within around 1km of coastline, we identified and surveyed salt pans to surface mining and  a 17th century castle to a 20th century coastguard station. Most of Scotland’s coast is littered with a wealth of sites from all periods, mixed together to really show how dynamic an area the coastline is.
crailDec2012 184
Overall the day went well and has given us a really good idea of what we will be doing with you guys at the future ShoreUPDATE training days!

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